Amazon Vine Product Categories

We perviously mentioned that there are certain product categories that increase your chances of being invited to join Amazon Vine. By simply choosing products from the below categories and writing reviews for these items, you can significantly improve your chances. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

Here are some of these categories, and the products you should start reviewing:


It's probably not a surprise that this category is top of the list. Amazon created it's business based on selling books, making them cheaper and more accessible than conventional book stores. To this day, Amazon sells a lot of books, and this is reflected in the number of books that it offers through the Vine Program. A wide range from fiction and non-fiction are available for all ages.

amazon books

If you read a lot of books, then this is one of the categories you want to focus on. Obviously, any books in the top seller list are most viewed and you should look at writing a review as high up this list as possible. But before you do, make sure you read the book, and are able to provide an informative and insightful review. Do not give away any plot lines, but focus on how interesting/ useful the book is dependant on its content. Keep it simple, and don't copy other reviews. Finally, make sure you've read the book otherwise other reviewers will question your integrity.

Check some of these Vine reviews for inspiration:


Personal Care

The personal care category is massive, and always evolving. This is reflected in the Vine programme in the number of products that are available to product test. Brands are always looking to increase their product range and will happily offer a number of products for both men and women to test. Some of the products you are likely to see reviews for in this category include shower gels, shampoo, face scrubs and razor blades. You could easily get most of your personal care items exclusively through Amazon Vine without having to buy any yourself!


So, when you come to review this items, you want to include a few things. How effective is the product? Yes it smell/ look nice? Did you notice a difference to your current product? Or is it completely new to you and will you continue to use it?

Here is your list of products with multiple Vine Voice reviews:

Personal Care Part 2

There is a part 2 to the personal care list. The above mentions your typical products such as creams and gels, but with manufacturers looking for more market share, this includes items such as electric toothbrushes, hairdryers and razors. This items are less common to the Vine Voices, but they make up a reasonable share of free products to review.


You probably already used a similar type of product, so why not write a review? Because these items are generally more money, they tend to be one-off purchases. This means that other Amazon customers will strongly consider purchases before committing to buy. Make sure you write reviews that state the good and bad aspects of the product. Tell others if it's better or worse than something similar you have used and whether it has improved your life. Justify the cost of the product; was it worth it? Agree or disagree with other reviews, with a clear explanation of why.

Because Amazon doesn't allow every single company to give out product through its Vine program, there are a select few brands that you can target to review about here. Good products to write about are Braun and Philips as they tend to generate more Vine reviews than other companies.

Listed below are some of the products from the above brands:

Household Products

Similar to the personal care categories part 2, these products are usually infrequent purchases. Think such things such as irons, kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners etc. These don't come around that often, but when a new range of products are released or due to be released by a manufacturer, it is common for a few to appear at once. It is not unheard of Vine Voices to get multiple items from the same product range, e.g. kettles and toasters.

You can find the product category with this link.


This is often a good category to write your reviews in, as there is often little competition and it means your comprehensive reviews can be seen at the top of all reviews. Remember to follow the guide on this page and also mentioned in this article to make reviews work in your favour. Negative reviews can be as good as positive reviews, so be honest and include as much information as you think is acceptable.

Check some of the Amazon Vine reviews for similar products:

General electronics

If you ever speak to a Vine Voice and ask them of the free products they have reviewed, this is probably where they will start their list. Getting items of high value and popularity usually come to mind first and ultimately they sound great. Some of these electronic items include compact and entry level DSLR camera's, external hard drives and earphones. These items usually have a price tags of £100+ and so are highly desirable. This means that not may are available, so even Vine Voices are lucky to receive these items.


Even though these items cost a lot of money, there is still a large market for purchases. There are lots of websites that provide similar 'expert' reviews of these items, but Amazon reviews still play their part. If you have the latest technology item already, get a review up as quickly as you can that is helpful and answers all the questions you considered before your purchase - you will not be the only one thinking about that!

We know this category will be popular, so we've included even more links for you to check out:

High-End Electricals

These are the items that all Vine Voices dream of and only a handful ever get them. There are not many reviews for these products on Amazon compared to the other categories, but this isn't a surprise when the retail value can exceed £1000! These items include large screen TV's and laptops.



Whilst these items are incredibly desirable, it is very unlikely that you will receive them. This is the only genuine way we know of to get such high value goods for free and that means ignoring those internet ads that promise free products similar to these for little effort.

Start your journey writing Amazon reviews to get product testing, and you could one day writing reviews like in the links below:


As we've previously mentioned, getting on to Amazon Vine requires an invite and is never guaranteed. But by following the words in this article, you can improve your chances of joining. By targeting the above product categories, you might improve your chances. Write well written and thoughtful reviews, thinking about the questions you would want answering. Check out the links above for inspiration and see how Vine Voices do it!