Amazon Reviews – Do They Matter?

Lots of money can be made from Amazon Reviews.

Amazon is keen for every customer to write their own Amazon reviews on their site. Anybody can leave a review on any product they have tested, regardless if you bought it from Amazon or not. Amazon is interested that you write reviews to let you have your say on as many products as you want.

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • Why do people leave Amazon reviews
  • What people look for in Amazon reviews
  • How reviews influence sales
  • How do Amazon Reviews make profit

 1. Why do people leave Amazon reviews?

Below are the main reasons which explain why you would write Amazon reviews. As an online public forum, people reading your reviews are of a similar background or find themselves in a similar situation that you have found yourself previously. This gives you a platform to leave credible feedback to talk about the following:

Praising or criticising a product

Have you used a product and found that it was so much better/ worse than your expectations? Either way, you have a genuine basis to write an Amazon review. You can find plenty of reviews with 5 stars with nothing but praise for a product. You can also find on the same product, 1 star, highly critical reviews.

In this instance, positive and negative reviews are of equal importance.  Negative Amazon reviews are usually left because of a defective product, or because the product doesn’t do the job. In contrast, a positive Amazon review is usually left for a fully functioning product that does the job it was intended to do.

Therefore, if your product does exactly what it was intended to do, and maybe even more, you will leave a positive review. You are happy with your purchase and you want to help promote it to let others understand its benefits.

Negative Amazon reviews on the other hand are usually highly critical. They are written in a manner that somebody sounds upset or angry. Sometimes they may have misunderstood the products intended use, or it simply doesn’t work as advertised. This is a source of frustration and leaves people to leave a product review!

This is basically the online version of word-of mouth. It is about telling others your opinion, and you want as many people to hear your view as possible!

Repay other Amazon reviewers

I would bet that everybody reading this post has been unsure on making a purchase, and decided to check out others reviews before deciding whether or not to go ahead with it (please comment if you haven’t!).

Amazon reviews are such a wealth of information, and many people will base their purchase decision solely based on them. Each review is a unique perspective of a products use and there is the likelihood that a reviewer has been in a similar situation as you, and left a review to document this.

See this Amazon review for the popular Amazon Echo:

Image showing the 7000+ amazon reviews left for the Amazon Echo

Find a review that answers the question or doubt you have about a product and this is immediately helpful to you. You can then be the decision maker on whether to make the purchase now and then, or find something else that meets your requirement.

When you consider how useful a review can be to you, this is the perfect opportunity to write one yourself. Based on your experiences, this is the time to write you own, using the next section as the main starting point.

Answer your own questions

When you find an Amazon review or reviews that answers your questions, you realise how incredibly useful this can be. This is the perfect opportunity for you to then consider writing your own review which documents how well or not the product met your requirements. In almost all situations, there will be somebody else that had the same question or query that you once had.

Sometimes, the product information, or the technical information of a product listing does nothing to answer your queries. If you can’t find a review that will answer this for you, you may still go ahead and make the purchase.

This gives the perfect opportunity for you as a reviewer to write about your problem, and whether the product solved your problem or not. This also links back to our previous point, as it gives you the perfect opportunity to praise or criticise the product.

Incentivised Reviews

These are often 'fake' in that they are written in the sole purpose of misleading others. Misleading others can be done by directly writing reviews that are not accurate and are designed to lie about the truth.

Many businesses are desperate to sell their products so they write reviews that are overly complementary or even lie to convince buyers to purchases there and then. Sometimes they write reviews themselves, or pay others to do it for them. These are typically characterised by many reviews for one listing which are all 5 star rated and say very similar things.

The opposite to this are reviews which are left in revenge. Sometimes reviewers will lie or twist the truth to make the product sound bad and again influence reviewers not to purchase the product.

Amazon has recently cracked down on these reviews are still works to remove incentivised reviews and the reviewers that write them.

2. What to Look for in an Amazon Review

As mentioned in the previous section, customers want to see that their desires for a product are met.

A good review is roughly 500-1000 words long, and it will talk through a number of different points. It is written so that it considers both the good and the bad points of a product. You will also see that some reviews even include photos or even videos of a product in action can help enourmously and takes away any sort of doubt from other reviewers.

This review below is an example of an Amazon review with a photo:

screenshot of amazon review with photo

Another important aspect of a review is to determine the product's value for money. Manufacturers like to distinguish themselves by creating a range of quality products, from basic to premium. There is no point buying a product if it does not do the purpose you purchased it for.

3. How Do Amazon Reviews Influence Sales

You will be aware that product listings with a good star rating on Amazon (generally 3.5+) will attract further purchases. Consumers look for their needs to be met, and are spoilt for choice in a market that is often saturated with similar products in the same category.

For example, take the Amazon laptop store page. There are so many to choose from, and the image below shows just a few categories to shop from.

Screenshot of the amazon laptop store page

Amazon is set up to display the most popular selling products on their website.  These products generally have many reviews accompanying them. The below image shows the six most popular laptops at the time of writing:

Screenshot showing a list of popular Amazon Laptops

A product with many sales usually has many reviews. As more people leave reviews, more people are convinced to purchase the product. This cycle continues and continues to push the product listing higher up the search results.

This cycle is typically broken by the release of a new, similar product, or by the release of an updated product.

Include the inforgraphoc - more sales = more reviews, but more reviews = more sales paradox.

However, Amazon can break this cycle and influence what becomes popular. Free product testing can allow for reviews to be written without purchases being made. This essentially means jumping the queue.

This is where Amazon Vine comes in.

4. Conclusion

To summarise, we have spoken about which customers are leaving Amazon reviews. Without Amazon reviews, Amazon would not be as powerful as they are today. There reviews are strategically included to drive profits based on targeting popular goods and encouraging third parties to sign up and list their own products.

Amazon Vine is designed to provide a shortcut to the marketplace by offering a flurry of genuine Amazon reviews from respected reviewers. As the manufacturers work to make many products available in large quantities to customers, Amazon helps kickstart sales of new products.

This shows why Amazon Vine exists, and explains why being an Amazon Vine reviewer is so lucrative. Not only are you getting newly released products, but they have known to be from some of the most well-known manufacturers.

Interested in joining? Get writing those reviews!